Aldo Tali

A first glance on my life! All you need to know compressed into tiny bits of information.

Who am I?

Senior Computer Engineering Student.

Skilled and passionate computer engineering student with extensive knowledge in programming and computer software. Believer in good will, dedication, persistance, self learning and self improvement.
Life Moto: Add a piece of your charisma to every piece that your life roams through.
Favorite Quote: If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't. Lyall Watson.

Itchy Feet

ItchyFeet is our Senior Design Project for the degree completion. Our group was made of 4 people. ItchyFeet is an Android based route optimizer application that minimizes the effort required to creating a traveling trip plan when being a tourist in a new city. ItchyFeet addresses the problems of tedious internet crawling for your perfect route activity by making use of real time data to give personalized recommendations on places to visit in an optimized route map plan. The recommendations consist of touristic nodes, museums, restaurants and possible events that are filtered based on the user’s previous journeys.

Social Discussion Website

This is forum website where you can register and log in , follow users and share topics, subtopics in different categories as well as comment for each of these to different users. The forum is composed of three main user types being the admin, moderator and the regular user. All these are in a hierarchical manner to ensure the well functioning of the forum. This was a group project for the Database Systems course in Fall 2017-2018 Bilkent University.

Normal TicTacToe
Player Red Won
Player Red Takes Over
In Basys3 player 2 wins

XOX Mania

This project was a FPGA project coded using SystemVerilog. It required an 8X8 RGB display. The logic behind the project was simple. On the RGB the user had three choices (these choices could be selected by using Basys3 FPGA) , each of which represented a game type. The user could play a normal TicTac Toe, an SOS game or a TicTacToe against an AI (computer). Special thanks go to my group mate Faaiz Ul Haque student at Bilkent University for giving a large help in the design and the implementation of the project.

Volunteer Student FundRaiser

Umudun Yurttaslari Projesi-UYP is an organization that aims to help the refugee kids living in Ankara regardless of their religion, ethnicity or beliefs. We have been in fundraising campaign to provide for the educational neccessities for these kids. If you are from Ankara I recommend joining UYP.


This project was our first year finishing project. An android application to handle cooking recipes and the inventory of a house based on the grocceries the family does. A four man team to design an application with a homepage which leads to different categories, each of which sends you to a list of recipes to choose.

Academia and others.

  • Driven by the will to learn ever more about high-perfomance computing.
  • Interested in System Automation, distributed processing and efficient computing.
  • Always into the data management and processing to get meaningful insights.
  • Passionate on travelling, meeting new people, and learning form other cultures, their traditions and languages.
  • Food lover, swimming pool fan and always in for a little bit of charisma in the conversation.


Part Time Data Engineer

In the period September 2017 - March 2018, I was involved in a part time job that dealt with the management of more than 15M users worldwide that played the games the company had published. The job consisted on the efficent, distributed data reads from raw json file by reaching a high CPU-core usage, the normalization of the data reads and making sense of the available information to turn it into potential insights for the company's campaigns.


Summer Internship

My first Summer internship was a 3-month long internship and later on lead to a part time commitment to Alictus. The nice thing about interning at Alictus was that I got to work in real tasks that helped the company in the market, so I was able to see the impact anytime I would implement a piece of code.


Call Operator

This was a telemarketing job, dealing with the advertisement of SEO techniques to semi-big companies. It dealt with emphasizing to the owners of the bussinesses the importance of internet availability and the optimization of the search apperance online.


Honour Student

My academic career, follows two main universities. I started my Bachelor's degree on a 4 year programme, in computer engineering in Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. In here I got the chance to study many courses, such as Operating Systems, Fundamental Structures in Computer Science, Database Systems, Computer Organization etc whose course projects and academic insights have given me an in-depth picture of many areas of Computer Engineering. I have been an High-Honor student in Bilkent for 4 semesters and Honor Student for 1 semester. The seoncd university was Universitat des Saarlandes in Saarland Germany where I had the chance to study courses like Image Compression, Algorithms for Sequence Analysis, and Text-To-Speech Synthesis as an Erasmus+ Exchange Student. I had a successful semester in there as well.


Yurt 77 / Yurtlar / Bilkent Üniversitesi 06800 Bilkent/Ankara/TÜRKİYE - Bilkent Üniversitesi - Merkez Kampüs